Which best illustrates how Gregor Mendel used creativity that lead to scientific discovery?O He noticed that traits were passed on from parents to offspring

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As I know Gregor Mendel - Austrian naturalist, botanist and a religious leader, a monk, founder of the doctrine of heredity (Mendelism). By applying statistical methods for the analysis of results of the hybridization of pea varieties, formulated the laws of heredity. In 1856, Mendel began his experiments in crossing different varieties of peas, differing in a single, strictly defined criteria (for example, the shape and color of seeds). Precise quantitative account of all types of hybrids and statistical processing of the results of experiments that he conducted for 10 years, allowed him to formulate the basic laws of heredity - the splitting and combining of hereditary "factors". Mendel showed that these factors are separated and not crossing merge and disappear. Although the crossing of two organisms with contrasting features (for example, yellow or green seeds) in the next generation of hybrids appears only one of them.

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