When measuring time, 8 concerts are approximately equal to 6 symphonies. How many symphonies are equal to 42 symphonies?

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so normally it is if 8x is to 6y, then how many x is to 42y? it could be if 8x:6y then how many x:42y or if 8x:6y then how many y:42 x I will solve for both if it is x:42y go to AAAAAAAA if it is y:42x then go to BBBBBBBBBB AAAAAAAA  how many concerts are equal to 42 symponies arrange in concerts to symponies format 8:6=x:42 fractionify 8/6=x/42 multiply boht sides by 42 336/6=x 56=x 56 concerts equals 42 symponies BBBBBBBBBB  how many  symponies are equal to 42 concerts areange in symponies:concerts 6:8=x/42 fractionify 6/8=x/42 multiply boht sides by 42 252/8=x 31.5=x 31.5 symponies to 42 concerts so it could be 56 concerts to 42 symponies or 31.5 symonies to 42 concerts

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