Whats 1/5 divided by 5

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1/5 ÷ 5  when a fraction is being divided by a number you multiply the first number by the reciprocal of the second number. A reciprocal is basically a number that can be multiplied by the first number to make 1 So in this case the reciprocal of 5 is 1/5 now just multiply and get 1/25 So the answer is 1/25


First, we have to make sure both numbers are fractions. The first number is already a fraction; make the second whole number into a fraction. [latex]5[/latex] as a fraction is [latex] \frac{5}{1} [/latex]. Now follow these steps: Rewrite equation. Switch division sign to multiplication. Find reciprocal of the second fraction, which means to flip the fraction around. Cross multiply. Simplify if needed. Now let's put that into this equation. [latex] \frac{1}{5}/ \frac{5}{1}\\ \\\frac{1}{5} * \frac{5}{1} \\ \\ \frac{1}{5} * \frac {1}{5} \\ \\ 1*1=1\\4*5=25 \\ \\ \frac{1}{25} [/latex] 

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