What would the weight of an astronaut be on Saturn if his mass is 68 kg and acceleration of gravity on Saturn is 10.44 m/s2? Please explain.

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Here's the part you need to know:        (Weight of anything) =                  (the thing's mass) times                  (acceleration of gravity in the place where the thing is) .                  Weight = (mass ) x (gravity) . That's always true everywhere. You should memorize it. For the astronaut on Saturn . . .                    Weight = (mass ) x (gravity) .                    Weight =  (68 kg) x (10.44 m/s²)                                =    709.92 newtons . __________________________________ On Earth, gravity is only  9.8 m/s². So as long as the astronaut is on Earth, his weight is only                                    (68 kg) x (9.8 m/s²)                                =    666.4 newtons . Notice that his mass is his mass ... it doesn't change no matter where he goes.  But his weight changes in different places, because it depends on the gravity in each place.

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