What was the main reason for Andrew Jackson’s success in the 1828 election?

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This was because he had won a majority of the votes for the electoral college. (the people) Since Andrew Jackson was grown in a poor family the poor people believed that he would help them with their problems since he had gone through the same thing. On top of that he managed to give rights to some people to vote. So as a person that gained the right to vote, wouldn't you choose the presidential candidate who gave you the right?  But from there the house of reps. as well voted. Although it was obvious who was going to win by December.  Andrew Jackson: House of reps: 178 votes  electoral college: 647,276 votes  John Quincy Adams: house of reps: 83 electoral college: 508,064 anyways i hope this helps:) and dont forget to MARK ME BRAINLIEST! :D

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