What is the slope of a line that is perpendicular to the line represented by the equation y=3/4x-1/2?

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The answer is:   " - (4/3) " . ____________________________________ Explanation: ____________________________________ The original equation given has a slope of (3/4). Note:  We know this since the equation for the slope of the line is written in "slope-intercept form" ; also known as: "point-slope form";  that is:   " y = mx + b " ;  in which "m" (the coefficient of "x") is the slope. ____________________________________________________ The slope of a line PERPENDICULAR to an equation, when written in "slope-intercept form", is the "negative reciprocal" of the slope of the original line. Hence, the negative reciprocal of "(3/4)"  is:  "-(4/3)" . ____________________________________________________

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