What is the poem of Charlemagne?? Guys please help me this is due tomorrow and I don't know what to write, so if you know the answer, can you please just right it down, please. Thank you.

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There was a king called Charlemagne Charles the first also his name King of the Franks in seven sixty eight Later the king of Italy Remembered throughout history By the designation Charles the Great! Since in the West Rome’s Empire fell The books about those days do tell He was the first in three whole centuries To bear the title “Emperor”, The Holy Roman Emperor, Crowned so by Pope Leo number three. Since the Roman Empire He was the first king to acquire Most of Western Europe in his grasp Of which he ruled for 13 years Until he left earth’s mortal sphere In eight one four when he breathed his last. From The Vocabuverse by Kerin Gedge (Check it out!!) Come find me on YouTube!

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