What is the microclimate of a hilltop like

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a colder higher up area on top of a hill.


A microclimate is the climate of a small area that is different from the area around it. It may be warmer or colder, wetter or drier, or more or less prone to frosts.Microclimates may be quite small – a protected courtyard next to a building, for example, that is warmer than an exposed field nearby. Or a microclimate may be extensive – a band extending several miles inland from a large body of water that moderates temperatures.When you use the USDA Hardiness Zone and spring and fall frost-date maps, you need to be aware that your microclimate may make where you garden very different from the information found on the maps. If you are in a cold valley, your minimum winter temperatures may be lower than what the map indicates. As a result, you may actually be in a hardiness zone that is colder than that shown on the map, and some marginal plants may not survive your winters.Cold valleys may also be prone to late spring frosts and early fall frosts, making your growing season shorter than indicated by the frost-free season map. If you put out tender plants too early, you might lose them. If you plant long-season heat-loving plants, they may not mature before fall frost.

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