what is the least perimeter of a rectangle with the area of 32 square feet

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You get the least perimeter of a rectangle when you draw a square around the area. If the area is 32 square feet, then each side of the square is  √32 feet.   That's  4√2 feet. So the perimeter (all around all 4 sides) is  16√2 = about  22.6 feet. _________________________ There IS a way to get a shorter perimeter around the same area, but not with a rectangle, or any number of straight sides. If you do it with a CIRCLE, then the radius of the circle is about 3.19 feet, and the perimeter (circumference) is about 20.05 feet ... about 11% shorter than the perimeter of the square.


24 b/c area=8x4=32 bh2=24

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