What is the factored form of 6x^2 + 13x + 6? A.) (x + 4)(x + 9) B.) (2x + 3)(3x + 2) C.) (2x + 6)(3x + 1) D.) (6x + 1)(6x + 1)

(1) Answers

The answer would be B.first you would have to multiply the first coefficient,6 with the last term. being 6,                                                                                                   6·6 = 36.Now there is a few factors such as 1,2,3,4,6,9,12,18,36, and the negatives of these numbers, but i wont list them,i will just use the numbers i need for this i will replace the number 13 in this equation.              [6ײ+4×]+[9×+6]. then i will factor the GCF 2 into the first group and then factor 3 in the second group. 2×[3×+2]+3·[3×+2]. then i would have to factor out the two numbers out of the term 3×+2 then combine the like terms making the equation [2×+3]·[3×+2] making the answer B. Hope i helped bye.

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