what is the difference of the rational expressions below? 7x/x+4-3/x a.) 7x^2-3x-12/x^2+4x b.) 7x-3/x^2+4x c.) 7x^2-3x+12/x^2+4x d.) 7x-3/4

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Transcendentalism became a way of thinking about and changing literature, philosophy, religion, and social reform. It was no accident that the birthplace of the American Revolution was also the birthplace of Transcendentalism.The themes of Transcendentalism can be seen in Little Women, and you may recognize some of them in our own society.Most everyone gets to an age where they try to balance and test their reliance on their families or communities and their need to be unique individuals. Many people want to fight against conformity just for the sake of following rules and to figure out what it is that makes each of us feel happy and complete. Transcendentalists believed that a community or society would never be healthy until all the individuals within it were self-reliant and independent. The individual person and his or her relationships (family or otherwise) were more important than what society demanded in terms of rules, religion, and limitations.As a nation recently independent from religious persecution and now dealing with the unfair enslavement of so many citizens, ideas of equality and freedom paved the way for social reforms in education, women’s rights, and slavery.Louisa May Alcott grew up in this environment. It influenced her own thinking and writing. This short video will add more background of Little Women to help you get inside the characters’ minds

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