What Is the Difference Between Comedy and Satire?

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the difference between a comedy and a satire is a comedy is funny and a satire is more serious it could have some comedy in it but it is a story that is more like a drama but tells a story that had a redon to it the author wants you to learn something from it .typical satire husband wife together for maybe odd reasons maybe the wife was in love with someone else it was a marige of convienance .the husband new but loved her so much he married her anyway . the story go on to show different ways they comunicated with each other showed there ups and downs both being good people but the sit causing something between them maybe he stops including her in things he feels the relationship is going bad she tjomks about her lover and dreams of being with him again maybe something happens she realizes it will never happen and see her husband for who he is she starts to want yo know him better but he has given up on them and the marriage and throws himself into his work she trys to make him happy but hes angry and don't let her in she realises she really loves him but In the meantime there was a tragic accident and she finds out she pregnant she's not sure who's child it is she gets a call to tell her some has happened to her husband she is scared and goes to hospital but she's too last her husband dies but not before she tells h she's pregnant he's is so happy but he ends up during and she knows the child wasn't his but she realized she loved him and the will be raised as her husbands child. later she is walking down the sidewalk with her son and she sees the man that was her lover he greets her but she never tells him that he had a son and Neverland tells the boy that her husband was not his father she realized she actually loved her husband and raised the son I'n his name she had gained self worth and new it was the right thing. in a satire it is dramatic and funny sad intence but the writer want to convey a moral to the story not to say it moral. wants to teach a lesson in life

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