What is the Crime of the Ages?

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I think a show or book.


August 5, 1914, Chicago Tribune The Crime Of Ages, created by John Tinney McCutcheon born May 6, 1870 "near South Raub, Tippecanoe County, Indiana" Father, John Barr McCutcheon, "a drover" 'with aspirations' Mother, Clara Glick born Feb. 22, 1841, Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio, USA Father, Benjamin Glick, born 1804, Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA Mother, Mary Catherine Crumley, born Sep. 20, 1805, Fairfield County, Ohio, USA "Glick", 'German' origin 'luck' 'Crumley", 'Scot' origin 'from Crombie' "McCutcheon", 'Brit'-Latin origin 'son of shield' Nationality of the cartoonist: Mongrel Significance: None. The guy could draw, he had a job drawing, so he drew - there was a war, so he drew a drawing about the war - Wars are conducted by humans, humans "reason", "reason" is synonym for "excuse", human excuse for everything is always "It's Not My Fault. It's Yours" so the guy drew a drawing with a bunch of guys saying "It's Not My Fault. It's Yours". He got paid money for his drawing, went home, used the money to buy stuff, drew more drawings, got more money, bought more stuff, and eventually dropped dead. What's the significance of that? Flowers do the same thing.

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