what is another expression for 120-0.2(120)

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120-0.2(120) actually means 120 - (0.2*120).  This is the parentheses mean you need to multiply the number in the parentheses by the number next to it.  Also, according to the order of operations, you always multiply first (unless there is an EXPRESSION of addition or subtraction, not a number, in parentheses). So it's pretty simple.  Just multiply 0.2 times 120.  This equals 24.  Why?  First, you multiply 120 by 2: 240.  BUT, there's a decimal place.  The decimal point in 0.2 is 1 number left from the end of the number.  (If the decimal point was one more to the right, it would equal 02., or simply 2, which we used to calculate.)  So, we need to move the decimal point one number to the left on our final answer as well.  2*120=240, or 240.0 .  If we move the decimal point one space to the left, we get 24.00, or just 24. So, we can put 24 in instead of 120: 120-24.  That's one expression.  If you like, you could also subtract to get 96.  Finally, if you wanted to do another equivalent expression, find another expression to write that equals 96.  For example, 9*10+6 would be one (remember to multiply first!), or maybe 24*4, 100-2*2 ... what do you think? Answer: 120-24 OR 96 (OR an expression equal to 96)


-0.2(120)+120 is your answer. Hope this helps!

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