What is a “golden age”? In your opinion, is any modern society in a golden age? Explain your response. How was the Islamic Golden Age possible? What are the major achievements of The Islamic Golden Age?

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Golden age is defined as an era wherein people achieved peace, prosperity and ideal happiness. In my own opinion, modern society isn't considered as a Golden age. Graft and corruption in government still happens and war versus other countries are still ongoing. We may call this modern age as a golden age once everything is settled and at ease. The Islamic Golden age was possible because the ruler of the empire was able to expand, control and maintain. Once he was able to do all that, he got respect, honor, and land, and with all that, was able to make a better and productive society. The major achievements of The Islamic Golden Age was boosting up their economy through trade, agricultural and industrial firms, conquering many lands, spreading their religion throughout the world, and passing of laws that made their society a better nation.

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