Social Studies

What hardships did the south face after the civil war????

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I'm gonna state the five problems I know, which occurred after this war... One, Many of their men were dead or wounded, a whole generation. These were heads of households, farmers, tradesmen, and merchants, all gone. These were the people who would have been relied on to build a society.  Two, the plantations required slaves to operate. The end of slavery forced a change to the social and economic structure. The ex-slaves needed to find ways to support themselves, now that they were no longer under the "care" of their former masters. This large population had no rights to the land on which they lived. They had to find their places in the new societal structure, literally and figuratively.  Three, the devastation of war had ruined farms and cities. Railroads would require rebuilding. Factories would have to be repaired. Who would organize this work? Who would provide the labor and the financing?  Four, there was still resentment on both sides. Some northerners wanted economic revenge on the south, holding the south responsible for the human and financial costs of war. Some southerners resented the north's intrusion. They believed that the south was right to secede and refused to cooperate with the new order.  Five, The south was financially ruined, as well. People had bought confederate bonds to support the rebellion. These were now worthless. The states had bankrupted themselves and their inhabitants. This paved the way for the carpetbaggers.

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