What factors help Clinton win the presidency in 1992

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1.President Clinton did what he was elected to do: turn the economy around. By election day, most Americans thought the nations economy was better than it had been in 1992.  2.Since 1992, voters had two bad experiences with big agendas. The Democrats overreached their mandate with heath care reform in 1993-94. Then the Republicans made the same mistake with the Contract with America in 1995-96. Clinton shrewdly ran a small-agenda campaign in 1996 -- the Nouvelle Deal. Dole's tax-cut plan was too big an agenda, and looked too risky to the voters.  3.Voters re-elected Clinton despite widespread doubts about his character. In CNN's election day exit poll, most voters continued to say Clinton is not honest and trustworthy. They re-elected him because of his job performance-- and crossed their fingers that character would not prove to be a major problem

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