What extended metaphor for love does the speaker use in 'Song To Celia' by Ben Jonson?

(1) Answers

1. The reason for sending the wreath is so that she would return it. If she returned it, she'd be showing that she loved him. His love for her is implied by sending the wreath.  2. He has a deep love for Celia. I think that Celia is not quite ready to return his feelings because the tone of the poem is imploring.  3. He is pledging love with great depth of feeling, so it is very possible the emotion would last.  4. There is a great depth of emotion in the song. In older times when men had to make a show of their courtship, reciting this to a reluctant young lady might impress her.  5. The extended metaphor for his love is the wine, both stated and implied.

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