what does a reminder means in the context of the problem

(2) Answers

What ever solution is left over after solved 


 Given a division problem with whole numbers, most students can easily describe what the remainder means. However, when given a division problem in which the divisor is a fraction or mixed number, attaching meaning to the remainder is not so easy. In fact, many children (and adults) who correctly perform the paper-and-pencil calculation, will incorrectly describe what the remainder means. Embedding division by fractions and mixed numbers into real-world measurement problems can be very helpful to learners who are struggling to make sense of these calculations. Example 1: 23÷7 = 3, remainder 2 Children who have developed a part-whole concept of division, when asked what the remainder means, will reply that there are 2 “things” left over. Or, they will say that the remainder 2 means that each person will receive 3 wholes and 2 7 of whatever you are dividing up and they will tend to name the things as cookies, cakes, etc. These answers indicate that, even for problems presented without context, children tend to use context when explaining remainders.

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