Use the fact that 133 divided by 9 = 14 R7 to solve Problems a and b. Explain what you do with the remainder in each case. a. There will be 133 children attending summer camp. Nine children can sleep in each cabin. How many cabins will be needed? b. Freya has $1.33. She buys as many pencils as she can for 9 cents each. How many pencils does she buy?

(2) Answers

a. Carry the remainder into an extra cabin because 7 kids are not supposed to sleep in the woods b. Leave the remainder as is considering there isn't enough money to buy another pencil.


a. 133 / 9 = 14  r.7      15 cabins as the remaining children need a cabin too. b. $1.33 / 9 = 14  r.7        14 pencils and have $0.07  remaining

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