Two cars are 750 miles apart and start moving towards each other. One car moves with the average speed of 40 mph and the other is 10 mph faster. When will the cars meet if they started to move at 11:00 a.m.? to answer the question tell me the time and if it will be AM or PM

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So essentially, every hour they move (40+10=50 miles per hour). So we know that every hour their distance diminishes by 50 miles - so how many hours are needed for the distance to get from 750 to 0? We calculate like this: 750/50=15 this means that they need 15 hours! so, what is 15 hours after 11 am? after 1 hrs it's noon 12 hours later (total of 13 hours) it will be midnight and two hours after midnight the 15 hours will have passed, so the answer is: they will meet at 2 AM of the following day!

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