Tickets to the zoo cost $14 for adults and $10 for children. A group of 12 people went to the zoo, and the tickets cost $140. The system of equations models this situation, where x is the number of adults and y is the number of children. x+y=12 14x+10y=140 How many adults and how many children were in the group? A. 5 adults and 7 children B. 6 adults and 6 children C. 7 adults and 5 children D. 8 adults and 4 children

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the answer is A becasue 14x5 + 10x7= 140                                           70        70  = 140 and 5 + 7= 12


Good morning my starstar! <3 Lets solve this! :) Okay so we have x+y=12;14x+10y=140 So we are going to solve for x and y. x+y=12 for x:  x+y+−y=12+−y we are ganna add -y to both sides x=−y+12 now we substitute −y+12 for x in14x+10y=140:14x+10y=140 14(−y+12)+10y=140−4y+168=140 now just simplify both sides of the equation −4y+168+−168=140+−168  and add -168 to both sides −4y=−28−4y−4=−28−4  and divide both sides by -4 y=7 now we substitute 7 for y in x=−y+12:x=−y+12x=−7+12x=5  and simplify both sides So tht gives us x=5 and y= 7 And thats our answer! Hope this helps! If you have any other questions or would like further explanation just let me know! :)

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