there are 12 pieces of fruit in a fruit bowl. 7 pieces are apples and 2 and peaches. what is the probability that a randomly selected piece of fruit will not be a apple or a peach? Explain your answer.

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We can represent probaiblity via the simplified equation:  [latex]P_x=\frac{x}{total}[/latex] i.e. How many 'good' results, or results we are looking for are there, out of the total of all possible results. In this case we have: [latex]P_{not apple or peach}=\frac{not apple or peach}{total}[/latex] [latex]P_{not apple or peach}=\frac{12-(7+2)}{12}[/latex] [latex]P_{not apple or peach}=\frac{3}{12}[/latex] [latex]P_{not apple or peach}=\frac{1}{4}[/latex]

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