Theo is building a garden against his house. He bought two pieces of wood that are each five feet long. He wants to create a triangular garden against his house using the two pieces of wood, without cutting them. His house will be the third side of the triangle. He also wants the perimeter of his garden to be a whole number. There are different triangles he can create that fit these conditions. Of these triangles, there are (fill in) isosceles, (fill in) scalene, and (fill in) equilateral.

(1) Answers

Given: two pieces of wood that are 5 feet long each. form a triangle with a perimeter of a whole number. third side the triangle will be the house  Since two sides are already of the same length, he can create an isosceles triangle.  An isosceles triangle has two equal sides and two equal angles. Assuming that the 3rd side is also 5 feet long, then, he can create an equilateral triangle. An equilateral triangle has three equal sides and three equal angles, measuring 60° each angle.

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