The volume of a pyramid that fits exactly inside a cube is 9 cubic feet. What is the volume of the cube? . . a. 3 cubic feet. b. 6 cubic feet. c. 18 cubic feet. d. 27 cubic feet.

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Since the pyramid fits perfectly in a cube, its base is a square with length x and its height is also height is also equal to x. The volume of the pyramid is,                             Vp = (x2)(x) / 3    ; 9 ft³ = (x²)(x) / 3 The value of x is 3 ft.  The volume of the cube is equal to x³ which is equal to (3 ft)³ = 27 ft³


there are lot of important information's already given in the question. From the question, we can easily conclude that the base of the pyramid that is inscribed within the circle is a square. the height is also of the same length as the base. Let us assume the length of the pyramid = x The height of the pyramid = x Then Volume of the pyramid = [(x)^2 * x]/3 9 ft^3 = x^3 * 3 9 ft^3 = 3 x^3 From this we can ascertain that the value of x = 3 ft Then volume of the cube = (3)^3 ft^3                                         = 27 ft^3 I hope the answer is clear to you.

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