The variable Z is inversely proportional to X. When X is 5, Z has the value 2.2. What is the value of Z when X= 12? PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Answer: Z = 0.9166666...7. Inversely proportional means that as one value increases, the other decreases. In this case, x is increasing and z is decreasing. This relationship can be written as [latex]z= \frac{k}{x} [/latex], or [latex]xz=k[/latex]. Plugging in the values from your question makes the equation [latex]2.2=\frac{k}{5} [/latex], or [latex]k=11[/latex]. Using the newfound value for k, we can plug this in to solve for z when x = 12. [latex]z= \frac{11}{12} [/latex]. 11/12 = .9166666...67. 

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