The ticket sales for Fist Bump are as follows: On Monday 1 /7 of the tickets are sold On Tuesday 1/3 of the tickets are sold On Wednesday 2/7 of the tickets are sold What fraction of tickets was sold by Thursday?

(1) Answers

Notice that the denominators are 3 and 7, which are factors of 21. So express all the fractions with denominator 21: On Monday [latex] \frac{1}{7} = \frac{1}{7} * \frac{3}{3} = \frac{3}{21} [/latex] are sold On Tuesday [latex] \frac{1}{3} = \frac{1}{3} * \frac{7}{7} = \frac{7}{21} [/latex] are sold On Wednesday [latex] \frac{2}{7} = \frac{2}{7} * \frac{3}{3} = \frac{6}{21} [/latex] are sold by Thursday [latex]\frac{3}{21}+\frac{7}{21}+\frac{6}{21} = \frac{3+7+6}{21}= \frac{16}{21} [/latex] of the tickets was sold. Answer: [latex]\frac{16}{21}[/latex]

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