The sum of two numbers is 5.036. one number has a 4 in the tenths place and 7 in the thousandths place. The other number has a 1 in the ones place and an 2 in the hundredths place.What are the two numbers.

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   1.x2x  +x.4x7    5.036  (sorry the underline function is no longer available) In the thousandth column we have x +7 and we wind up with a 6 in that column.  Since 7 is already more than 6 that means the only number that will work is 9 and there will be a carry of one into the hundredths place.   1.x29 +x.4x7   5.036 Now let's look at the tenths column.  2 becomes 3 in the answer and there was a carry of 1 from the thousandths so the other number must be a zero    1.x29 + x.407    5.036   Now I need a number that goes with 4 and puts a zero in the answer.                 That number has to be 6 and does cause a carry of one into the ones                  place   1.629 +x.407   5.036   Finally (remembering there is a carry of one in the ones place)  I have two (1 + 1 carried) toward my five in the answer.  I need three more. Here is the final example:     1.629   +3.407     5.036  

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