The slope of a line is -1÷5 and the y-intercept is (0,6).what is the equation of the line in this slope-intercept form?

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y= -1/5 x+ 6 remember that slope intercept form is y=mx+b the m is the slope and the b is the y value in (0,6) aka y-intercept   so all you have to do is swap the slope given with m and swap the b with the y-intercept 


The equation of a linear function is y=mx+b The point is to calculate b, since m is given (slope=-1/5) & x & y are given x=0 & y=6 [from the intercept value that is (x=0, & y=6). Plug in: y=mx+b 6=(-1/5) x (0) +b ===> b=6 & the final equation is y=(-1/5)x + 6

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