The ratio of Country albums to Jazz albums in a music collection is 2:3. If the music collection has 45 albums, how many Country albums are there?

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{country albums}:{jazz albums}=2:3 3{country albums} = 2{jazz albums} {country albums} + {jazz albums} = 45 {jazz albums} = 45 - {country albums} 3{country albums} = 2(45 - {country albums}) 3{country albums} = 90 - 2{country albums} 5{country albums} = 90 {country albums} = 18 I got this answer from the link: I give them credit for this, as they were the original. For future reference, you can search your question at the top, and if someone has already answered that question and it is the same as yours, than you can use that, and thank them, etc.  I hope this helps!

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