The quadratic function h(t)=-16.1t^2 + 150 models a balls height, in feet, over time, in seconds, after it is dropped from a 15 story building. - From what height, in feet, was the ball dropped? -After how many seconds, rounded to the nearest hundredth, did the ball hit the ground?

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In order to find height from where ball is dropped, you have to find height or h(t) when time or t is zero.So plug in t=0 into your quadratic equation:h(0) = -16.1(0^2) + 150h(0) = 0 +150h(0) = 150 ft is the height from where ball is dropped. When ball hits the ground, the height is zero. So plug in h(t) = 0 and solve for t.0 = -16.1t^2 + 15016.1 t^2 = 150t^2 = 150/16.1t = sqrt(150/16.1)t = ± 3.05Since time cannot be negative, your answer is positive solution i.e. t = 3.05 

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