the prices per pound of different types of nuts are shown. write an expression that can be used to find the total cost of 2 pounds of peanuts, 3 pounds of cashews, and 1 pound of almonds, all for 20 % off.

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Well, let's consider the total cost as x To find a total of anything, you must add... So 2+3+1=6 Now to find our expression... 20% is a percentage and 1=100% so we divided our total by 100= 3/50 now multiply that by 20=60/50 or 1 1/5 So now we look at our steps to find the expression... First we added so we start with 2+3+1 Then we divided... 2+3+1*1/100 Then we multiplied... 2+3+1*1/100*20 Clean it up a bit... [(2+3+1)*1/100]*20 And our total cost... [(2+3+1)*1/100]*20=x So our answer is... [(2+3+1)*1/100]*20=x

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