The perimeter of a rectangular playing field is 244 feet. If its length is 2 feet longer than twice its width, what are the dimensions of the field?

(2) Answers

Peri = 2A+2B  244 = 2(2+2x) + 2(x)


The perimeter (P) of a polygon is all the values of all the sides added together. (Length+Length+Width+Width) If the length (L) of the rectangle is 2 feet longer than twice the width (W), then L=2W+2. So now the perimeter is 2W+2+2W+2+W+W = P. This simplifies to 6W+4=P. If we know the perimeter is 244, then 6W+4=244. Then subtract four and divide by 6. W=40. If L=2W+2, then L=2(40)+2, or L=82. SO..... The width is 40 feet The length is 82 feet

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