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The new English word emoticon can be broken down for understanding this way: A. e- (anti) + mot (tiny fragment) + con (cheat) = cheat in a small way B. emot (a type of symbol) + iconic (symbolic) = a powerful symbol C. emote (to feel) + -i-(anti) + -con (with) = to show without feeling D. emotion (feeling) + icon (symbol) = symbol of emotion What affects constant change on the English language? A. improved study of history B. morphological analysis C. developments in technology D. printing The technological innovation that most influenced the English language was the A. invention of the computer. B. invention of the recording device. C. invention of the ink pen. D. invention of the printing press. A prefix is usually an example of A. a root word. B. a free morpheme. C. a bound morpheme. D. a root morpheme. What factor about America has contributed to the evolution of American English? A. the immigrant roots of its population. B. the diversity of its geographic features. C. its large physical side. D. its democratic form of government. reenergized What is the root of this word? A. energy B. re- C. gized D. -ed unhelpful Which of these is the free morpheme in this word? A. help B. un- C. helpful D. -ful Very formal words in English often have their roots in A. Anglo-Saxon. B. Italian and French. C. Latin and Greek. D. Arabic. Words such as sun, sky, sheep, and love are A. the oldest English words from the Anglo-Saxons. B. words whose roots are Latin. C. words that have come from cultural interaction and immigration. D. words developed along with technology. Which of the following is the BEST statement about the English language? A. English is a formal language established in Great Britain with little change. B. English is static, though its roots lie in many cultural influences. C. English is rooted in Latin and therefore all English words have Latin roots. D. English is a constantly changing language influenced by many layers from other languages.

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D. Symbol of emotion C. development in technology

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