The mean age of Lincoln's tee-ball team is 5. Suppose one of his 7-year-old teammates quits the team, but a 6-year-old joins the team. Is the mean age of Lincoln's team still 5? Explain your reasoning.

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alright, the mean is the sum of the ages divided by the number of peoplpe ok, so example let's say he has 3 people on his team (not realistic but it's an example) 4yr and 7yr and 4yr 3 people 4+7+7=15 15/3=5, mean is 5 if the 7yr old leaves and is replaced witha 6 year old 4+6+4=14 14/3=4.6666666666666666666666666666667 the mean is no longer 5 because one of the values changed

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