the length of a rectangle is five times its width. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 60 m , find its area.

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Suppose that l is the length and w is the width.  l = 5w and 2l + 2w = 60. You can substitute l in the second equation for 5w because the first equation says they're equal.  2(5w) + 2w = 60.  10w + 2w = 60. 12w = 60.  w = 5.  Put this value of w into the first equation.  l = 5(5).  l = 25.  The area is l*w which is 5*25 = 125.


length=x width=y we can suggest this system of equations: x=5y 2x+2y=60 we can solve this system of equations by substitution method. 2(5y)+2y=60 10y+2y=60 12y=60 y=60/12=5 Now, we can find out the value of "x"; x=5y x=5(5)=25 The length is 25 m, and the width is 5 m. Area=lenght x width Therefore: Area=25 m * 5 m=125 m². Answer: the area is 125 m² Area=

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