The image above is of the color wheel used by artists. If an artist wanted to create a artwork with analogous colors, how would he/she use the color wheel to achieve this result? a. The artist would want to decide on a single hue, and then he/she would use the neighboring colors to the left and/or right of the chosen hue. b. Each time the artist chose to use a certain hue, he/she would want to make sure that all hues next to it in the artwork are from the opposite side of the color wheel. c. The artist would want to choose a certain hue to begin, and then alter the hue by adding tint and tone to the hue to create values. d. The artist should consider only the intensity of the colors he/she uses, since all colors work well together so long as their intensities compliment one another.

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I believe that the answer is  A). Because analogous colors are adjacent to each other on a color wheel.

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