the florida real estate market is a market that is categorized in which two ways?

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can remember selling plenty of homes in 2005-2007 to people who weren’t ready to retire yet but thought if they didn’t buy now, they may not be able to afford the prices in the future. What a huge financial mistake they made. Not only did the prices stop going up, they sank drastically. Shortly after they bought, $300,000 homes were selling for $120,000 if you could find a buyer at all since prices fell by more than 50% in most of Florida.Most of those people who bought a home when they didn’t even need it because of a fear of rising home prices are still sitting with a home that is worth far less than they paid. Not only that, the taxes, upkeep (the grass, weeds and shrubs grow all year round) and insurance (highest of any state in the nation) has been a continual drain out of their pocket. Their purchase may even prevent them from being able to afford retirement.I would not recommend buying a home in Florida today to any of my relatives, unless they absolutely had to own one because of a job transfer or similar situation. Actually, I would encourage them to rent and wait for the next great buying opportunity in Florida that will probably occur within the next few years.You can find the rest and your answer follow the link below

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