the cylinder has a height of 10cm, and a radius of 3cm. What is it's surface area?

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The equation for the surface area of a cylinder is A = 2 π r h+2 π r^2 A=2(3.14)(3)(10)+2(3.14)(3)^2 A=188.4+36.52 A=244.92


surface area is the area on top+area on bottom+area around the areas on top are circles so 2pir^2 is the total area of tops and bottoms the area arounnd is a rectangle that has been curled, its legnth is the height of the cylinder and the width is the circumfernce of the circle on top so area of that is h2pir add them 2pir^2+h2pir subsitute since h=10 and r=3 2pi(3)^2+10(2)pi(3) 2pi9+20pi3 18pi+60pi 78pi cm^2 is surface aea if aprox pi=3.14 then SA=244.92 cm^2 SA=78pi cm^2 or 244.92 cm^2 

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