The current in a hair dryer measures 19 amps. The resistance of the hair dryer is 14 ohms. What is the voltage?

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Voltage  =  (current) x (resistance)              =  (19 A)  x  (14 ohms)  =  266 volts . Note:  Be careful using that thing !  It's dissipating        I² R  =  (19 A)² x (14 ohms)  =  5,054 watts ! ! ! That's an awful lot of power for a blow-dryer !  The dryer is certainly not using very much of that power to run the fan.  Most of it is being used to heat air.  5 kilowatts is more power than most toasters or microwave ovens use, so please be careful with how much of your hair or skin you expose to that hot-air blast.  You could probably cook a meatloaf with it.

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