The cost of a pack of chewing gum in a vending machine is $0.75. The cost of a bottle of juice in the same machine is $1.25. Julia has $22 to spend on chewing gum and bottles of juice for her team and she must buy seven packs of chewing gum. If b represents the number of bottles of juice, which inequality represents the maximum number of bottles she can buy?

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You did not give the options. the inequality would be 22> .75 (7) + 1.25 (b) - this simplifies to 22 > 5.25 + 1.25(b) - You subtract 5.25 from both sides to get 16.75>1.25b _ Divide both sides by 1.25 to get b by itself to get 13.4> b _ This means that she can buy at most 13 bottles because you cannot buy part of a bottle So the equation is 13>b - The number of bottles she can buy is at most 13 P.S Dash under greater than sign it won't let me type it

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