The cost of $500,000 worth of 20-year term life insurance for Derek is $96.21 per month. If Derek's employer covers 85% of this cost, how much is deducted from Derek's gross income per year for life insurance?

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Alright, the first thing we should have to do is find the total cost per year of his insurance. To do that, we multiply $96.21 by the 12 months in a year to get $1154.52. This is the cost of his insurance per year. Next, we need to find out how much his boss covers, which we know is 85% of the total cost. SO what we can do is multiply the yearly cost ($1154.52) by the percent his boss covers (.85) to get $981.342. This is how much his boss covers per year. Lastly, to find out how much Derek pays for insurance yearly, we just need to subtract how much his boss pays ($981.342) from the total yearly cost  ($1154.52), which leaves us with $173.178, which is how much Derek pays yearly for his insurance, which should be your answer.

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