The coordinates of the vertices of ANGLE RST are R(-3,5), and S(4,5), and T(4,-2). Find the side lengths to the nearest hundredth and the angle measures to the nearest degree.

(1) Answers

Side lengths: RS=7 and ST=7, and angle=90 degreesWhy?Since second coordinates of R and S are the same so we can just count the length by adding first coordinate of R and first coordinate of S= |-3|+4=7Since first coordinates of R is the same as first coordinate of T so we can just count  the length  by adding second coordinates of S and T=5+|-2|=7Angle: RST is =90 degrees because triangle RST is right angled  triangle. Why? Because RS is parallel to X axis(the same second coordinates of R and S) and ST is parallel to Y axis(the same coordinates of S and T) .

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