The commander of allied forces on the european front during world war ii user: british prime minister during world war ii

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Contents  [hide] 1Free Albania2Belgium3Brazil (1942–1945)4British Empire and Commonwealth4.1 Australia4.2 Canada4.3 India4.4 New Zealand4.5 Union of South Africa4.6 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland4.6.1British Malaya4.6.2 Newfoundland4.6.3 British Mandate for Palestine4.6.4 Southern Rhodesia5Republic of China6Free Czechoslovak Republic7Kingdom of Denmark (1940–1945)8Kingdom of Egypt9Empire of Ethiopia10French Third Republic (Until 1940)10.1Free French Forces (and later Fighting France and Provisional government of the French Republic)11Kingdom of Greece (1940–1945)12Imperial State of Iran (after Anglo-Soviet Invasion)13Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea14Republic of Liberia15Grand Duchy of Luxembourg16United Mexican States17Mongolian People's Republic18Kingdom of the Netherlands (1940–1945)19Kingdom of Norway20Second Polish Republic20.1Polish Government in Exile and Secret State21Soviet Union (1941–1945)22United States of America (1941–1945)22.1European and North African Front22.2Pacific Front22.3Puerto Rico22.4Commonwealth of the Philippines23Kingdom of Yugoslavia24See also25References

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