The circumference of a circle is 4 times the circumference of a circle with radius of 1 unit less. What is the radius of each circle? Help please!!

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Circumference of a cirlce=2πr r=radius x=radius of largest circle. (x-1)=radius of smallest circle. We can suggest this equation: 2πx=4[2π(x-1)] 2πx=8π(x-1) x=(8π(x-1)) / (2π) x=4(x-1) x=4x-4 x-4x=-4 -3x=-4 x=-4/-3 x=4/3 raidius of largest circle:  x=4/3 in radius of smallest circle: (x-1) in=(4/3 - 1)in=1/4 in Answer: the radius of largest circle is 4/3 in and the radius of the smallest circle is 1/4 in.

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