The amount of candy left in a Halloween bucket is given by the function A(t) = 50(0.8)t where t stands for the number of minutes the candy is available and A(t) stands for the amount of candy left at any given time. How much candy is there after five minutes? 50 pieces 40 pieces 16 pieces 200 pieces

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I think that equation is supposed to look like this: [latex]A(t)=50(.8) ^{t} [/latex] The reason I say that is because this is an exponential decay problem, with a starting amount of 50 pieces of candy. If that's the case, then it would look like this with a t value of 5: [latex]A(5)=50(.8) ^{5} [/latex] and [latex]A(5)=50(.32768)[/latex] so the amount of candy left after 5 minutes is 16.384 or 16

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