Tamara has a cell phone plan that charges $0.07 per minute plus a monthly fee of $19.00. She budgets $29.50 per month for total cell phone expenses without taxes. Write an equation to determine the maximum number of minutes Tamara could use her phone each month in order to stay within her budget?

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Total budget of Tamara per month regarding cell phone bill = $29.50 Monthly fee for the plan Tamara uses = $19.00 Per minutes charge for Tamara in the plan = $0.07 Let us assume the number of minutes Tamara can use within her budget = x Then the equation will be 19 + 0.07x = 29.50 This equation will let Tamara stay within her budget regarding the phone bill. Noe let us solve the equation and find out the number of minutes Tamara can call per month. 0.07x = 29.50 - 19 0.07x = 10.5 x = 10.5/0.07   = 150 minutes. So each month Tamara can call for 150 minutes and still remain within her allotted budget.

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