Suppose a historian wanted to argue that the Enlightenment had a more positive influence on the American Revolution than on the French Revolution. Which statement below would be the strongest evidence for the historian's view? The French Revolution overthrew a monarchy and a social system, while the American Revolution only freed a group of colonies. The American Revolution was led by men who admired Enlightenment thought, such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. The American Revolution produced a Declaration of Independence, while the French Revolution produced a Declaration of the Rights of Man. In the French Revolution, the will of the people turned away from justice and toward mob violence, fanaticism, and dictatorship.

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Hi! This is probably pointless now as it is more than a year later than when you posted this. But the correct answer for this would be D. This is because, a lot of commoners, or those of low status got very fed up with the constant state of poverty that they had been in, and turned to mob violence among with fanaticism, and dictatorship. I really hope this helps you and anyone else who needs this in the future!

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