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state five causes of lack of clean water due to human factors

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There are numerous human causes that make a lack of clean water for humans to consume. I will state five causes and the reasons for you below.  1. Plastics- The plastics are dumped into landfills and littered among highways and empty fields. After a while, the plastic is exposed to high temperatures, soil, and rain. This makes the chemicals that make up the plastics erode into the soil and then enter groundwater nearby. This can lead to contaminated water.  2. Landfills- Garbage is dumped at these landfills that suit modern day standards. As the garbage slowly sits there over time it can seep into the ground nearby. it also causes run off, and contaminate nearby surface water. If there is a water treatment place nearby, heavy winds or rains can scatter the garbage into our water supplies. 3. Agriculture runoff - if a farm does't dispose of their animal waste properly, this can cause water contamination. This can cause bacteria in the local water supply. Many times, the animal waste is disposed of correctly, but the chemicals used can cause issues with heavy rains and runoff pollution.  4. Illegal dumping- This is one of the biggest issues with water contamination in the world. Dumping illegal causes pollution and can go into rivers, ponds, and streams that directly source our water.  5. Industrial runoff- Many big power plants, chemical plants, and large companies are built directly beside the water. After it rains, the chemicals are washed away as storm water runoff. This will reach groundwater and our sources of surface water. This is another main cause of pollution. Many of the areas around power plants and chemical plants have instances of acid rain to occur. 

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