Some people argue that human actions have caused and will continue to cause harm to Earth’s environment. They believe that we as a people are not responsible stewards of humankind and that our actions will lead to the destruction of life on Earth. Other people argue that although our technological advancements may have caused environmental changes, these advancements have made general living conditions (extended lifespan, improved medical care, and knowledge transfer, for example) better for most people. Therefore, we as a people are being responsible stewards of humankind Based on the information presented in this unit, respond to this statement: “The best actions a people can take make life better for each other.” Which of the arguments above—or another argument you’d like to present—best addresses this statement. Explain your answer.

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However, these advancements that other people are talking about will not probably last for very long since much resources were used to exploit and overuse the natural resources we currently have. The question of what about the future populace who are significantly viable to live under this planet, 100 years from now? Isn't that claim sort of egotistical? Exploitations lead to different global ecological changes like the occupation of the invasive species which can threaten an ecosystem and the biodiversity of the organism that exist in the present environment when the invasive species increase rapidly in number.  Exotic species are a threat to biodiversity because they alter the ecosystem of that area. They share food and habitat resulting in unbalanced ecosystem. 

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